Rather than try to do the job yourself, it is better to hire a pest control professional. This is predominantly true if the infestation has become large if the pest problem is ongoing, or in case only certified professionals are authorized to use the chemicals required for control. Consider the below mentioned top 12 factors, when you require to hire a professional:

The Technician

Check the certification, license, and identification of the pest control provider’s technician to enter your home, and confirm if it is updated. Nearly every state demands technicians to be certified plus that they take part in yearly training to update their license.

The Company

Is the company insured and bonded? This is vital and protects your property and you against liability. Visit the website of the company and check if it professional, does if provide knowledge, and does the company’s values match with yours.


The sales representative or technician should possess enough knowledge to answer your pest control queries. In case he cannot answer a specific question straight away, he should be able to say he will find out and inform you. It is better to deal with an honest person instead of those who give a made-up or wrong answer.

Professional Appearance

The overall appearance and uniform of the technician ought to be professional and clean when he knocks at your door. The chemicals, equipment, and truck should also provide you with a feeling of professionalism.


Ask neighbors and friends for referrals before calling a pest control company. For a state wise list of providers visit www.npma.com or check with your state pest control association. It is a good idea to check any company with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) as well. You may want to ask the provider for references as well as contact the customers provided if you did not receive any personal recommendations.


Never expect the best deal by paying the lowest price. In case a company commits that it will provide a solution for your problem in one service, for $XYZ, but your problem exists after the completion of the service, your hard earned money has gone down the drain. You will end up paying substantially more by hiring a reputable service provider, had you opted for quality over the price at the first instance.


Discuss your options with the sales representative or technician if you plan to hire a company for ongoing service. Will quarterly service solve the problem or whether you require monthly service? You might, perhaps, begin with monthly, or even weekly service to exterminate the pests, and then drop to a less frequent maintenance schedule. Go through the contract with a magnifying glass, understand the fine print, and ask questions, if any, before signing on the dotted line.


Before trying any pest extermination service, talk with the technician to discuss the root of the problem. Tell him what you have heard or seen, and question the professional once again to ensure that he understands the pest problem comprehensively. Once that discussion is over, the pest control technician ought to inspect your building or home through a professional eye, and set a treatment plan after identifying one or more pest.


The exterminator will use chemicals for elimination in many cases. However, he should discuss the chemicals he plans to use, and inform you about their likely adverse effects as well as any options that do not require chemicals. All chemical vessels ought to have a clean, professional appearance, and must be labeled. The technician, on request, should provide you a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and specimen label for each chemical used.


Upon completion of the service, the technician should provide a report containing details of the services performed, any follow-up action they deem necessary, and any advice for you, the customer. The report should include service costs.


The technician should make recommendations for future prevention at some point or the other during service. He should make such recommendations during, before, or after service, depending on the type of service. The technician ought to notify you and suggest instantaneous clean-up in case the inspection reveals a potential pest harborage area. In case of structural issues, the technician may wait until the end and then suggest like repairing holes or screen replacement.

Go through the guarantee

Many pest control companies offer guaranty. Read the fine print therein carefully to know about your responsibilities and how to make use of the guarantee, if needed.

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